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  • Carina shares her experiences of the #InspiringDiversity Conference

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion day Four of the most important days in our teacher training year have to be our “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” days. I promise, Adam has not paid me to write this… Amongst the entire 21/22 cohort of Inspiring Leaders, I had the absolute pleasure of listening to several amazing speakers, talking all things diversity. Welcoming us to NTU for the day, was our own Adam Brett who introduced us to a quick video on diversity (#InclusionStartsWithI). If you want to watch it again and review those statistics, I definitely recommend doing so… with a pack of tissues. Kicking off the day, we had the amazing Claire Birkenshaw, a Childhood and Education lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. Claire explained so succinctly what DEI is, why it is important and most of all, what our role as educators is, when it comes to DEI. I cried and I was left speechless, in absolute awe of this keynote speech. The passion for being an educator rang throughout Claire’s speech and has fueled a spark in me to make sure I do better and make a difference, for the students in my care. After a small break and a caffeine top up, I made my way over to the incredible Azuraye Williams’ “Women in Education…” workshop. Azuraye is a primary school teacher and also the PE, Science AND DEI lead at her school. It was lovely to share a room with several other women who are embarking on this role as an educator. While the statistics here were no better than earlier, I am proud to belong to a cohort that recognizes the statistics and who, at the heart of things, want to see a change. Something I am looking forward to implementing in my life is breaking those gender stereotypes we see in education -the day before I observed a year 7 class doing an intro to science class drawing what they thought a scientist looked like… 3 of them were female. In following lessons, we plan to introduce them to many female scientists. Fast forward to the afternoon and I find myself at the workshop of Adam Brett – our very own SCITT lead- “LGBTQ+ inclusion in classrooms”. I have pages of notes here and a list of resources and networks that help the LGBTQ+ community. My takeaway from Adam’s workshop is to unpick students behaviour, to disrupt the narrative, be steadfast and to share the positive stories. So many of the stories told about the LGBTQ+ community are negative and it could be much more harmful to only show that side. In his talk, Adam said, “Recognise the difference you make in your classrooms”, something I truly find to be at the heart of the reason why I wanted to become an educator. To BE the change and difference for the future generation of students. To do this, we must be able to provide security and safety to the students we teach. It is through routine and trust we are able to so. Our Q&A panel with all speakers really allowed us to have an insight to the workshops we missed – If only we were all given time turners to see all the workshops! In answer to a question on how to deal with situations of being upset/offended, Shonagh Reid, currently a DEI consultant, gives such a succinct solution – take time to do things on your OWN terms, challenge the situation when YOU are ready and always go in with a solution. This is something I plan to use in my every-day life, not just in school as an educator. I’ll leave with my pledge; six points I have taken from across the day: Show humanity Promote understanding Challenge prejudice Be Inclusive Foster positive relationships with every student Make a difference. Every day. #InspiringDiversity Carina Jolly, Chemistry trainee

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  • Redhill Teacher Training | SCITT | Nottingham

    Train with an outstanding team of inspiring teachers and leaders. About Us As part of The Redhill Teaching Hub we provide high-quality primary and secondary teacher training in Early Years through KS1 & 2 into Secondary and Post-16 with our programme leading to QTS and PGCE. Our programme is accredited by Inspiring Leaders, as an outstanding SCITT, based in the East Midlands. Our schools are based in Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire and the wide range of settings and contexts enables us to provide a diverse range of experiences for all our trainees. ​ Our training programme offers those who train with us an exceptional level of support, tailored to individual need and is delivered by fully trained mentors and coaches. During their time with us trainees have the opportunity to learn from classroom teachers and practitioners who are experts in their field. "A commitment to train future teachers and leaders sits at the heart of our core purpose and ethos as a Trust and training provider." Our partners Training with Redhill SCITT Our courses carefully blend significant hands-on teaching experience in our schools with extensive professional development training alongside the critical thinking and theory that is important for understanding teaching and learning principles. As a result, most of our former trainees have established outstanding careers, with many progressing into leadership roles. ​ We work in partnership with Inspiring Leaders to train outstanding teachers who make a significant difference to their pupils, their schools and their profession. ​ Inspiring Leaders is an established and successful provider of initial teacher training at primary, and we are excited to be offering secondary training as part of their SCITT. We are also partnered with NTU to offer the PGCE element of the training. READ MORE What is School Centered ITT? READ MORE Why train with us? READ MORE Who are we looking for? Our Programmes Primary Secondary How to Apply If you are interested in applying to Redhill SCITT you will need to apply through one of the following routes: ​ DFE Apply Website , by searching for Redhill Teacher Training in the 'school, university or other training provider' search box. Applications will also be considered through the Inspiring Leaders application form, which you can access here: In order to apply, you will need to complete an application form including your qualifications, work experience and a 4000 character personal statement as part of your application. ​ Applications for 2022/23 close on Monday 4th July 2022 ​ For further information visit our websites: ​ Contact Us Book a conversation with our SCITT I agree to the terms & conditions Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • | Redhill SCITT

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